Welcome to the Nassau Amateur Radio Club.

       First, let me wish all our members a very Happy and Safe New Year.  I hope you all enjoy a wonderful year exploring the many facets of the hobby.

       I am both honored and privileged to serve the club as President in 2018.  Taking the reins from Rich Collins K2UPS was made easy by the fact that Rich was an excellent president, his service to the club and the hobby was exceptional.

       Working along with Rich was an excellent board assisting him through his years as president: Vice Presidents Mike Croce N2PPI & Gary Kushnick K2GK, Treasurer Rob Martens K2RRM and Recording Secretary Jim Mezey W2KFV.  Likewise I am very fortunate to have a board that will continue to strive to keep the club going forward.  They are; Vice President John Gulotta AC2KZ, returning board members Treasurer Rob Martens K2RRM and Recording Secretary Jim Mezey W2KFV, Directors Mike Croce N2PPI and Gary Kushnick K2GK.  As most hams in the metropolitan area know our recording secretary Jim Mezey W2KFV is also the ARRL Section Manager of NYC-Long Island.  Jim keeps us abreast of the latest League News.

       I hope to find new members to join our ranks and share their interest in the hobby.  If a person is in need of information regarding amateur radio, NARC is where they should go.  We are fortunate to have had a number of new members join and bring an interest in the club as well as the hobby.  Bringing in hams that are new to amateur radio as well as some that may be returning is a goal we should all explore.

       I invite all hams or “soon to be” hams to visit with us at Eisenhower Park, East Meadow NY at the Special Activity Center.  We meet every Monday, except holidays, at 7 PM.  The last Monday of each month we hold our business meeting and all are welcome to attend.

       What makes NARC unique is that we are a “Hands On” club.  A typical meeting you may find some members in the shack operating SSB and CW on our club radios.  Another group may be testing a new piece of equipment and yet another discussing radio theory or making plans for a new build or portable radio outing.  Our members come from very diverse backgrounds spread across the spectrum.  What we have in common is our love of amateur radio.  Their interest is just as diverse, we have some top DX’s skilled in all modes; others are interested in designing and testing equipment.  Some members are learning or reinforcing their CW skills.  During the coming year I hope to continue to have informal training sessions on different aspects of the hobby.

       Our next big event wil be Winter Field Day; 19:00Z Jan 27 through 19:00Z Jan 28 at the Special Activity Center in Eisenhower Park.  And of course please attend our ARRL Field Day this summer from 18:00Z June 23 through 21:00Z June 24…. location to be announced at a later date.


Kevin Corrigan KC2KC, President.